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why i'm a bad person:

we're doing a "social awareness" project in my collateral class. it's supposed to be designed as if we were designing pro bono.

to preface this, collateral class is designing a few different pieces with a coherent theme, much like an ad campaign, but just printed/web material. (i get asked to clarify this an astounding amount)

now, this is a totally bullshit project because i'll never work pro bono. i value my time too much. i won't do a god damned thing unless i'm being fairly compensated for it. i consider fair compensation at a bare minimum $25 an hour (a bare, bare minimum. like, if i owe someone kinda bare minimum). Unless a charity organization approaches me and is willing to pay $25 an hour (keep in mind that most designers with a degree straight out of college make $70, i'm not being a total cunt here), there is no way in hell i would do work for them. it's not worth my time unless i get something killer for my portfolio, and oftentimes you can't use charity work in a portfolio because it's activist and you don't want to offend potential employers with your portfolio.

it's not that i dont' think charities are great stuff, i just would never work for free. I don't do volunteer work, i don't take up donations and do those walk things, it's just not my thing. I'm generally apathetic to it all. My mom does the relay for life cancer walk thing, i used to use it as a excuse to stay out all night.

yes, i'm selfish. no, i don't care. no, i won't grow out of it. i won't make excuses for it either. i don't care about shit that doesn't directly effect me.

i chose to do homelessness. i wish i would have done something i'm somewhat compassionate about. i can't fake it, and everything i do has an undertone of "how about you get off your ass and get a job instead of trying to sell me (free!) newspapers when i'm in downtown so you can buy booze you dirty loser"

and it cost $15 to put half a tank of gas in my car. that would be 5 gallons, for all you non milkcarton driving people. having to buy the expensive gas sucks ass. stupid high compression engine.

how about someone start an activist organization to lower the price of gas? i'd get behind that.

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