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god help whatever idiot decides to use me for calculations,…

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A.L.I.C.I.A.: Artificial Lifeform Intended for Calculation and Immediate Assassination

god help whatever idiot decides to use me for calculations, because numbers break my little brain.

i tried it with
F.U.Z.Z.D.E.C.A.Y.: Functional Unit Zoned for Zealous Destruction, Efficient Calculation and Accurate Yelling

and still got shit about calculation!


speaking of artschool, a few nights ago i had a dream that i made animations and business cards for conan o-brien. i have this freakish, unnatural crush on him (which has nothing to do with how he looks).

and my mother just emailed me and told me she talked to her gyn about fitting me with a minera iud and she'll do it (i haven't been able to find anyone in atlanta that'll do it because i haven't carried a pregnancy to term). and if i go down there, my mom will pay for it. score!

someone's gonna be taking a happy little trip to south georgia soon.
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On August 24th, 2005 07:19 pm (UTC), shamus9999 commented:
Maybe it's telling you you're a cold, calculating, scheming sort? :)
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On August 24th, 2005 09:02 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
not anymore than any other girl
On August 24th, 2005 09:34 pm (UTC), shamus9999 replied:
Girls have cooties too.
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On August 24th, 2005 07:52 pm (UTC), svengelska commented:
I had a dream about Conan the other night - actually in the dream *I* was Conan and I had Brad Pitt around for dinner. For some reason I couldnt seem to order him a cab home after.

In other news...

What does "carry a pregnancy to full term" mean? Im not good at sex stuff :o/
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On August 24th, 2005 09:01 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
it means i've never fallen pregnant and maintained a pregnancy nor given birth.
On August 25th, 2005 04:15 am (UTC), svengelska replied:
So you can only get a IUD if you've been pregnant? Wow, thats news too me.

You know, between crustacea and contraceptives, this is one informative blog. :thumbsup:
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On August 25th, 2005 05:15 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
you can get them regardless, but most doctors won't fit one in a woman that's never been pregnant as it has a slightly higher (10%) chance of rejecting. and they last a long time, so doctors don't want to give them to women in the"prime breeding" age range (ie their 20s)
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On August 24th, 2005 08:09 pm (UTC), tenshihitomi commented:
T.E.N.S.H.I.: Transforming Electronic Neohuman Skilled in Hazardous Infiltration
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On August 24th, 2005 11:17 pm (UTC), trippingbilly commented:
IUD? Is that an acronym for "all the sex fuzz can handle?", because I can't spell. =)
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On August 25th, 2005 05:16 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
i wish :P
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On August 25th, 2005 02:07 am (UTC), nova_starr commented:
for some reason the acronym "IUD" (and the term that it stands for) makes me cringe. and I don't even have a uterus.
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On August 25th, 2005 05:16 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
it makes me happy! because that's 5-10 years of not having to worry about abortions \m/
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On August 25th, 2005 08:37 pm (UTC), nova_starr replied:
but... but... I thought you liked abortions :`(
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On August 26th, 2005 12:09 am (UTC), delspf commented:

Juggernaut Optimized for Hazardous Nullification


Digital Electronic Lifeform Skilled in Potential Fighting
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