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i've been an awful ljer.

i've done nothing all week. just zelda. sweet, sweet zelda.

went to the beach. saw a huge crabby! it was soooo cute and feeler flailed me. <3<3<3

my grandfather is watching something about hitler being strung out on meth. it's really interesting. i miss having the educational channels. it would almost be worth paying for cable.

i don't have a lot to talk about, my brain is still mushy from finals. i needed this break sooooooooooooo bad. i feel like if i tilt my brain will leak out.

i miss atlanta. i don't feel comfortable here. i don't like knowing that i'm not near anything. and i really want quiznos, but the one in douglas (that i would have to drive 30 miles to get to) is run by dumb frat boys and after i screamed at them for being incompetent last time i was down here, i decided not to patronize it. i would much rather be served by people that speak in broken english that i can barely understand because at least they won't be smug in their asshattery.

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