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i screened a movie with april last night. april being my best chick friend in douglas that i lost contact with when she started dating this creepy old guy that hated me. she manages the theater in douglas.

i watched her build a movie, which was insanely interesting. they're on reels, right? and they're cut off and taped together and wound onto a platter. then the film is run through the projector and onto another platter. the cutting of the film seems like it'd be really fun. april has to routinely cut out the previews and add new ones in because by the time that movies get to douglas, the previews are out of date. and i finally got to see the sound on the film and how that actually worked, i knew the sound was on the film, but i wasn't sure about the specifics of it.

after she built it we all settled in to watch it to make sure she cut it all right and everything. pat was there. i hadn't seen pat in like, 40 forevers. he's exactly the same as i remember him being. i gave him big jumpy hugs and almost knocked him over. oops.

it's been really nice to see april and clara. the past few times i've been down i haven't seen anyone at all. i like knowing everyone is okay and all that.

it's so incredibly boring down here. i'm so glad to be going back to atlanta tomorrow.

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