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today is my first official long weekend day, seeing as school has started back now and i don't have class until wednesday. i've been keeping myself busy this break (when not having zelda marathon in alma) working on my portfolio stuffs. i'm planning on having an online portfolio up and running relatively soon. it's been a good low key warm up to what i'm hoping will be a nice low key quarter starting.

in skunk news, i didn't get the fuzzball i visited this weekend, for a variety of reasons, including that he's in terrible shape (obese to the point he would almost fall over when he walked, tail down constantly, sad face like someone killed his best friend), he's scared of people, and he has apparently bit them so many times so badly that they're scared to get their hands anywhere near his face (which i was only told he'd bit twice).

i feel like shit because i know i could give him a better home with better food and a bigger place to run around, but i don't think i have what it takes to rehabilitate him. i'll be a new skunk owner, and i just don't have the experience to take on something that severe. i hope that the rescue agency finds someone who can take care of him. :\

seeing him waddle around definitely made me want a skunk so much more. he was so cute! and i know once i find the right skunk for me that it'll be a great pet. i'm seriously leaning towards buying from a breeder, although i do like giving animals better homes, i don't want to have to wait for years to have one available for adoption with a temperment i can handle. it just seems like it'd be easier to start with a kit and give it lots of love from day 1. granted, buying a skunk from a breeder is prohibitively expensive, since i can't just drive to iowa and pick one up and it'd have to be shipped (which is more expensive than the actual skunk). and they're only born in the spring, so i'll have some waiting to do regardless.

it's getting so dark so early! i wish summer weren't over. although it's nice that it's not quite so blisteringly hot during the day, i miss the balmy nights. and i miss the relative immunity from sickness i have in the summer. i've been all nauseated and crampy and feverish for the past few days, i'm blaming that mostly on going back on hormonal birth control, but ugh... i feel shitty. and it doesn't explain the fever.

fevers give me great dreams though! and the hormones make me talk in my sleep! shawn told me that i rolled over and yelled "what the fuck is that?!" in my sleep, which is quite possibly the funniest thing ever. i'm apparently even offensive in slumber.

edit: god dammit. someone remind me to turn auto text formatting back on my ijournal.

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