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i've been watching a lot of brainiac lately. i think history abuse is more entertaining, but i have this strange crush on richard hammond (which was sparked by my love of top gear i'm sure. 5th gear is shit), so i think i prefer science abuse :P science abuse also doesn't have the disgusting cooking portion that history abuse does *shudder*

i hear they play brainiac on g4/tech tv now. i wonder which one they play? i don't have cable, so i dunno.

my quarter is going well. it's ridiculously easy. i'm looking forward to halloween. i need to get ahold of kelly and see what she's up to. i miss talking to her. hopefully we'll do halloween together. :D

i wore my pigtails to school yesterday and boys were staring at me. i forgot what that was like. it made me happy. it was also a lot cooler than having my assloads of hair down. i'm beginning to think growing it out was a mistake. there's way too fucking much of it. ii remember why i cut it all off in the first place.

my life has been pretty boring lately.

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