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if you've been curious as to what i've been so busy with that's kept me from lj whoring, here's one of the things:

my mostly finished page redesign

i also built a marketing package for myself. (ie. resume, business card, etc.) and have been studiously kicking ass in my classes, as well as sewing that costume (which i'm pretty far along with! i can't wait to take pictures!!)

kelly and i hung out yesterday, we did dinner (at cali pizza kitchen) and shopped, and went to usurp feachador and tenshihitomi's oven for cookie baking, but we couldn't find cookies, so we brought back cupcakes and candy apples and watched i love the 80s in 3d and talked for a while.

i want hot chocolate! i can't feel my motherfucking toes! stupid atlanta and its seasons! i'm going to freeze my ass off in a fuckign strapless dress. argh.

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