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holy shit! this is the biggest pile of misogynist bullshit i've ever read.

what's wrong with going to college to get an education instead of going to meet someone to push out children with?

what's wrong with dating around?

what's so fundamentally wrong with women not needing to be "owned" by a man at every point in their life?

i hate people.

seriously, what the fuck is this shit??
For the first time in human history, mature women by the tens of thousands live the entire decade of their twenties — their most fertile years — neither in the homes of their fathers nor in the homes of their husbands; unprotected, lonely, and out of sync with their inborn nature.

Here is a (partial) list of the recent changes that hamper courtship and marriage: the sexual revolution, made possible especially by effective female contraception; the ideology of feminism and the changing educational and occupational status of women; the destigmatization of bastardy, divorce, infidelity, and abortion; the general erosion of shame and awe regarding sexual matters, exemplified most vividly in the ubiquitous and voyeuristic presentation of sexual activity in movies and on television; widespread morally neutral sex education in schools; the explosive increase in the numbers of young people whose parents have been divorced (and in those born out of wedlock, who have never known their father); great increases in geographic mobility, with a resulting loosening of ties to place and extended family of origin; and, harder to describe precisely, a popular culture that celebrates youth and independence not as a transient stage en route to adulthood but as "the time of our lives," imitable at all ages, and an ethos that lacks transcendent aspirations and asks of us no devotion to family, God, or country, encouraging us simply to soak up the pleasures of the present.

what's wrong with any of that? are women not allowed to not be barefoot and pregnant? are we supposed to be living in fear of having sex and taking no pleasure in it? do you want us to fuck through a hole in a sheet like mormons? what's wrong with wanting to enjoy your life instead of living up to some retardedly restrictive unreachable ideal?

For it is a woman's refusal of sexual importunings, coupled with hints or promises of later gratification, that is generally a necessary condition of transforming a man's lust into love. Women also lost the capacity to discover their own genuine longings and best interests. For only by holding herself in reserve does a woman gain the distance and self-command needed to discern what and whom she truly wants and to insist that the ardent suitor measure up. While there has always been sex without love, easy and early sexual satisfaction makes love and real intimacy less, not more, likely — for both men and women. Everyone's prospects for marriage were — are — sacrificed on the altar of pleasure now.

so mean only love women who don't give it up? that's why so many people i know have been dumped for not fucking their boyfriend. and what, are men only capable of lust until you've denied them sex and then they magically realize that they do in fact love you because you won't let them in your pants? that's the most retarded shit i've ever fucking heard. they're only marrying you to get a piece, jesus fucking christ.

oh, and i can't possibly know what i want in a partner unless i don't have sex with them? that makes perfect sense. let me just jump into a marriage having no idea of whether we're sexually compatible. and insisting a suitor "measure up" is terrible. why not just find someone who's what you want instead of settling and trying to change them. that's a great way to make him and yourself miserable for the rest of your lives.

and why on earth is love and sex mutually exclusive in this idiot's world? argh! i just want to punch him in the neck.

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