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halloween went great! i forgot pictures though. i think i have one with kelly, but kelly never gets online, so...... yeah.

now it's back to work work work.

i have most of my shit done for classes, although i'm now behind in environmental design. :\ and up to my limit of days i can miss. i'm really hoping i'll still be able to pass since i missed a project. :\

my font's coming along so well! i'm super happy about it. although, i'm no longer ahead of the class, i still have most of my letters designed and just have to start numbers and punctuation, which should be simple.

professional development switches teachers after tomorrow, i dunno what the second half is going to be like, but the video is due for me tomorrow at 7:10, and i haven't even started on it yet. we have a few weeks to turn in our resumes and stuff to him after his half of the class is over, which is great.

maybe i can stop neglecting lj :P
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