alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

i won first place in my class for the best signage solution! this makes me happy as i missed a day where we turned in an assignment, and i got a zero for it because youngblood is a complete hardass about turning shit in on time, so i need all the help i can get to make that up. (we only have like 5 grades in the class)

now, i actually appreciate teachers that are hardasses like that and push people to be professional and do professional quality work. there's nothing i love more than a teacher that will tell a student their project is crap, because those teachers are the ones that will work with you to make it better and actually teach you things.

my font is coming along well. i should really post pictures of what i have done thus far... but i'm lazy and it's much easier to put it off and type about it than to actually open fetch and upload it.

i'm giving my rats back today to the woman i adopted them from. this is really painful because i love them to death eventhough baily has a love of eating my flesh. they're getting really old and i'm scared one is going to die and leave the other all alone, and i don't want the remaining one to be unhappy for the rest of her life. the woman i adopted them from has metric fuckloads of rats (seriously. she has around 100) so i know that they won't get lonely.

i'm also about to have to move (in january) and i don't want to take old rats out in the dead of winter, the shock of the cold might kill them :\ i would feel fucking terrible if that happened.

it's hard for me to admit that they'd have a better life without me, but i think at this point i have to and do what's best for them. i'm sorry skibbles and baily, i hope you understand that i'm only giving you away to help you. :\
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