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grad night was great. nothing like getting tore up with your buddies. that'll be the only thing i miss about douggie. the people i can trust and that love me. :) i'm in a pretty great mood right now it's a nice change. I still get kinda bummed though. i suppose because i'm not utterly meshed with another at the moment. i suppose i need the time off to once again figure out who i am. but i kinda miss it. i kinda miss living for someone else. i really don't know why. all it brings me is suffering. next time i will be more selfish. i'm tired of being run over like an armadillo on 32 east. it's been nice rebonding with ab. he's the best friend i could ever hope to find here. i think he'll be here for me the rest of my life, no matter what happens. it's that weird unconditional love thing. i don't suppose that's something i'll understand until i have little alicias. i have no idea why i'm this fucking philosophical this early in the summer. i suppose it's the reddi whip. well.. .i'm leaving tomorrow at 6am to go to disney world with devin. (yay!) i'll be back sat or sunday. lates people.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, family, friends, happy, highschool, naughty things

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