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i got tagged for this (i feel special! i'm never tagged for shit)

1. My username is ____ because ____.
2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
4. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
5. My name is listed as ____ because ____.

1) My username is fuzzdecay because i used to have a friend that i called limpy that started calling me fuzz because i'm from georgia (georgia -> peaches -> fuzz). the decay was tacked on a bit later when i registered for aim and my current sn was taken, as well as fuzz. the decay came from an urban decay ad that was on my closet door (i used to rip out and save magazine ads and paper my doors with them). i thought it flowed well, and it kinda stuck

2) My journal is titled "such a pretty girl happy in an ugly place" because i like everclear, and the line "such a pretty girl, happy in an ugly place, watching all the pretty people doing lots of ugly things" works relaly well as a journal title/friends page title.

3) My subtitle is "i think it's getting better in the worst way" because it's another part of the song i used for my titles and i wanted to keep a theme, as well as being how i feel about my life in general.

4) My default user pic is me in my kitty hat because i wear the fuck out of that kitty hat, and i believe it's pretty indicative of my personality.

5) My name is listed as alicia because that's my real name.

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