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my mom got something in the mail from my school saying that i made dean's list. so i guess it's safe to assume i didn't fail my environmental design class eventhough i didn't turn in one of my three projects. which kicks all kinds of ass. it seems that busting my ass and doing 3 times the amount of work on my project was the way to win her over.

next quarter i'm taking senior project, interactive senior project, and film studies. i have senior project with katie, and interactive with tim! it's going to be a fucking kickass quarter (and not just because i have some strange crush on tim :P katie is a fucking amazing teacher, at least in collateral and packaging and i think she'll be pleased with the subject matter i've chosen)

i've been thinking about what i want to do for my senior project for a year now (because it's just that important). see, senior project is where you pick one company/subject and design a collateral campaign for them, or a magazine on whatever subject you want or whatever. i finally chose to redesign the theater in douglas, including proprietary packaging, signage, supplimental print material, and anything else i can find to redesign. i think it'll work out really great for me because it's so much different from a lot of the stuf i've done, and i'll be able to do collateral as well as signage and really showcase my talents. also, they're planning on redoing the theater in douglas within the next year or two, and april (my friend who manages the theater) is gonna pitch my idea to them when i finish, so i might actually get a bit of money out of it :)

i remember going to that theater even as a young child and thinking about how shitty it is. it would be great to actually assist in helping make it better. even if i had to sell the package for way less than i would otherwise. i could count it as volunteer work.

and i think katie will support my vision, and that kicks ass. interactive project is gonna be simple because it's pretty much putting your portfolio online and i already have a lot of it online, i can just get tim to help me polish it up and flashitize it, because it's just html right now. he's always ridiculously impressed with everything i do, and he's the teacher that pointed me to risd for graduate school (because risd is only the single best school in the country to have an art degree from... ah... i see so much good design come out of risd... thinking about it makes me happy in my pants.)

i'm iffy about film studies. ian had it and warned me about how boring it is, but creative writing doesn't seem to be offered anymore. :\

damn you school! bring back creative writing so i can take art direction, portfolio, and creative writing my last quarter!

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