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my aunt told me while i was in alma that sometimes she doesn't like talking to me because i'm too smart, and the amount of random stuff that i know makes her feel stupid.

i thought she was just being weird until i ended up at verizon picking up a cellphone. the woman there grabbed out two plastic bags and i was like "you can just put all our stuff in one" and she looked at me like i was retarded and laughed a little and was like "yeah, like there's not enough plastic in the world".

i looked at her and then at the bag and was like "well you know plastic is made from petroleum which is not only extremely expensive right now, but it also a nonrenewable resource"

she looked at me funny and walked away.

i think my aunt was right :( i feel bad, but i like teaching people things. i caught myself doing shit exactly like that the entire time i was down there. i don't mean to make people feel stupid, but i know if the situation were reversed i would like to be educated rather than remain ignorant.
Tags: family, self exploration

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