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the cult of 4th block has ended. the sandbags will never be together with as much power ever again. Did we accomplish our objective? only time will tell. i suppose when one night i'm on fernandina for no real reason and i hear a moo and a gunshot off in the distance followed by someone yelling "i didn't! i didn't!" i'll know for sure. or maybe i'll know when jared's damn hair grows back. (fucker... you shouldn't have cut off your hair). i'm only gonna miss a handful of people from condom high, but those few imma miss a bunch. at least i found out who my real friends are before i wasted postage on them. life's good. so sweet. i'm so not stressed anymore... not bitchy... not depressed. nothing. oh the freedom of being able to claim back who i am. well i gotta go live my life now.
Tags: friends, happy, highschool

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