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it's funny how i used to give a shit about highschool. like it really fucking mattered. i realize now what everyone had told me is true. high school doesn't mean shit. it's full of a lot of immature children desperately clinging together because they don't know who they are. I left out selfish. They're that too. I'm not even out of highschool yet and i look down at the underclassmen and see how stupid they all are. none of my previous life matters and i just realized it. maybe it is better that i'm not with levi anymore because i'm way more adult than he is, he just doesn't see it.since i've been disillusioned yet again i believe imma finally just let go and have fun instead of worrying about everyone else. I'm gonna go make alicia happy and just be like "fuck you" to everyone else. because i can. because i've earned it for being more than a sponge. because it doesn't fucking matter who i piss off because i won't see any of them again if i don't want to. And in october, when i'm chillin in atlanta i can come back down and laugh at how stupid everyone is. lol fuck that. alicia is never coming back down to douggie unless she absolutely has to. alicia will get out of douglas because alicia isn't retarded enough to fuck it up like a lot of people she knows. but hell, if they wanna be 28, knocked up with 4 kids, missing teeth and barefoot just for a plant... that's their deal. i'm not even a third through with my life yet, too young to already set down a course. *sigh* all the retarded things i've done this past year... all the retarded things. (no offence to the few underclassmen i'm coo with)
Tags: boyfriends past and present, highschool, i hate south georgia, inconsiderate fucktards, moving off to college

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