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i think reverse racism is on its own a racist term. it's like saying…

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i think reverse racism is on its own a racist term.

it's like saying if a white person is hung it's called a "reverse lynching".

people are fucking ridiculous.


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On January 19th, 2006 06:23 am (UTC), sokolov commented:
It does seem to imply racist intentions in some fashion. But if you look at from the point of view that racism DOES exist and most examples ARE usually confined to specific racial groups, then "reverse" simply becomes an adjective to the term racism. It is also completely useless AND redundant as the audience who understands such a use of the word would ALREADY be aware that it is a reversal of traditional racist viewpoints and would not need such a qualifier on the noun.

It's like saying "negative acceleration." It sounds all fancy but is meaningless without context as it could mean slowing down or speeding up, or changing direction without either of those or with some of those. But once you HAVE context you could just say acceleration (i.e. acceleration = -50mph east) and the "negative" tag becomes useless and redundant.

So I don't think the term is meant to be racist, just meaningless.

I had fun typing that, I am going to repost to my own journal.
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On January 19th, 2006 11:31 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
I think that it very much is rascist because it's generally only used by white people in public office desperately trying to be politically correct (as if they feel they would be taking the word "racism" away from black people by using it), or by the same backwoods white people that complain about "all those damn mexicans coming to america and stealing our jobs". That's what bothers me about it, racism is not a black and white thing. Pretty much all races hate eachother, hell, some groups of people within races hate eachother (ie. mexicans and puerto ricans).

and not only has racism become to mean believing other races are inferior, it also has become to mean pointing out any differences between races at all. i really feel as though the term racist has become something for insecure people to hide behind and point fingers. It's enraging, because true racism is such a problem, and essentially making the term meaningless is like ignoring that there's a problem.
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