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i think reverse racism is on its own a racist term. it's like saying…

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i think reverse racism is on its own a racist term.

it's like saying if a white person is hung it's called a "reverse lynching".

people are fucking ridiculous.


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On January 19th, 2006 11:50 am (UTC), fuzzdecay commented:
i don't think that white people are scared of hating on black people because it "looks bad" unless it's in a social setting, i think that mostly white people are genuinely scared of black people because urban black culture is so violent and full of hostility. take goodie mob for example, that group is full of some of the most racist people i've ever in my life heard, and i'm from whitebred south georgia. It's extremely rare to hear a white person talking about seriously killing black people, and yet goodie mob raps about killing "the devil" all the time. and honestly, "white devil" is just as offensive as any racist term.

I think white people are honestly scared by urban black people and their culture of hatred, and you know, i think they have a reason to be because it's blatantly obvious that that culture is all about "the white man keeping me down". if i were in a position on public import, i would attempt to be as politically correct as i could be too so as not to rouse more anger.

I don't consider myself racist at all, but living in atlanta has really poisioned be to ghetto fabulous urban black culture. It really bothers me when people make no effort at all to break stereotypes. I can't tell you the amount of people going to my school that are straight outta college park that their only plan in life is to rap or work at a record label. it's really sad. but i believe i'm intelligent enough to separate subcultures from races. I don't think all white people are gun toting republicans, nor emo kids, nor do i believe that all hispanic people are mexican (like most white people seem to).
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