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i think reverse racism is on its own a racist term. it's like saying…

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i think reverse racism is on its own a racist term.

it's like saying if a white person is hung it's called a "reverse lynching".

people are fucking ridiculous.


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On January 19th, 2006 03:56 pm (UTC), neo_prodigy commented:
but you're right in that the term is often exploited by whites in political office and said exploitation in itself is racist and wrong.

but i definitely understand where you're coming from in regards to stereotypical blacks. boy, do i understand where you're coming from.

many of them are utterly shocked when i point out that calling me the n-word is offensive. it's a derogatory used by slaveowners towards my ancestors. when white folks use the term, then they're ready to fight. yet they fail to understand that when we use the term, we're sending the message that its okay to be disrespected.

more than once i've been labeled a sellout simply because i don't act like a belligerent and ignorant thug. heaven forbid that i'm actually carrying myself with class because i take pride in my people and remember the mlk's, the rosa parks and the medgar evars that came before me. no i'm a sellout because i don't allow my race (or more importantly the negative stereotypes) to define who i am.

and the irony: most of those "thugs" and "gangstas" aren't from the streets and wouldn't last five seconds in the hood. if you're really a hardcore thug, you don't have to put on a production to convince people that you're hard. real killers know how to conduct themselves. they know what they're capable of and don't have anything to prove to anyone. second, anyone who knows the truth about hip-hop culture knows that it is nothing that is shown on mtv or bet. hip hop culture (the genuine kind) is a legitimate culture (just like goth or emo or whatever), and the art of hip hop has often been used to bring consciousness to political and social issues. unfortunately you have a bunch of rapacious assclowns who exploit the culture for their own gain.

on another note, i just wanted to give props to everyone whose commented. i thought the comments were very intelligent and a real dialogue was discussed. dialogues like this is what its going to take to rid the world of racism and ignorance.
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