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we serve out of our house. my website isn't hosted on there, but…

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we serve out of our house. my website isn't hosted on there, but gutterslide.com is (which is shawn's page), as well as fourthgenhatch.com (fourth gen hatch used to be run by someone else, but he was just going to delete the content, so shawn asked if he could take it over and save the content so other people could view it and the guy agreed. i thought that was pretty cool).

shawn's boomboxpc was a big deal a few years ago when he first made it. it got on gizmodo, engadget (although i think only in the forums), and was in a couple of magazines (bpm in the us and custom pc in the uk). because of that, the server came under tremendous load and cut off our internet connection almost completely. shawn moved the image files onto my site (which is hosted on the dragondata servers that kevin runs), and soon the traffic crashed those servers as well. i think it ended up taking out everyone hosted on dragondata and part of the stileproject empire. my geek cock was huge that day.

the interest died down relatively quickly, and life returned to normal until this week when it was posted on digg and fucked up our connection again. so he moved the pictures to tiny pic this time, and it saved a lot of heartache.

funny thing is, earlier this week i was telling shawn to sign up for google adsense, since he gets a fair amount of regular traffic, but he kept putting it off until after this explosion of activity so we ended up losing out on any revenue that would have brought in. i gave him so much shit for not listening to me.

i honestly never think of the fact that we serve webpages out of our apt until something like that happens and i lose my connection to the net because of it. it's really cool that if need be, i could be completely self sufficient and host my own site.
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On January 28th, 2006 06:51 pm (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
i think i have 50. i would never use it though, even if i had a lot.
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On January 28th, 2006 07:28 pm (UTC), furre commented:
Sooo... My geek cock is enlarged by mere proxy, right?
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