alicia (fuzzdecay) wrote,

developments in asshole kids!

we heard a loud thunk, and shawn opened the door and saw them down there, so he grabbed the camera and took a picture, the flash made them aware of his whereabouts and the following transpired:

"you think that's fucking funny?"
white kid: "yeah i do" (posing for picture)
"yeah well i got you on video. i saw you doing it last night"
white kid: "man that's bullshit" (smoking cigarette)

then shawn ran out of the apt to see what apt they went into but couldn't find them.

the black kid, obviously the smarter of the two, dropped his rock and lowered his eyes. unlike the arrogant white kid. i think we have enough evidence to call the cops now.
Tags: apt, boyfriends past and present, inconsiderate fucktards

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