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they've done away with graphic design preview, yay! so i've been spending time redoing shit for no reason pretty much. oh well.

katie finally okayed my logo, and i've cranked out massive amounts of subordinate signage for the theater. i'm still up in the air about the corporate id package (because corporate id is my weak point. everyone who knows me knows that) but it's coming.

some of my classmates really praised my work today. they've been in a lot of my classes previously and told me that my design work (and my illustration :D) is amazing. it feels good to hear that from people in my field since i'm so hard on myself, and my teachers are hard on me as well. i know that they're pushing me because they see my potential, and i appreciate that, but argh... it's tough to have everyone all down on me.

i freaked out and lost it last night, but i'm back focused and know that i can get through this.

i'm a great designer. i picked the right project. i'm executing it beautifully to the best of my abilities. my portfolio site is great. the work i'm bringing into portfolio is great. i'm capable and brilliant and about 1000 times better at design than i was 3 years ago. i'll make it through portfolio first try and land a great job at an amazing firm that will support me creatively and i'll be happy.

and right now i don't think that's entirely unrealistic.

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