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dearest macromedia:

i've been tinkering with flash since flash 4. granted, my tinkering with flash 4 was roughly me spending 2 days to download it (on dialup, argh.), 20 mins to install it (on an old shitty computer) and about 3 hours of wondering wtf the fuss was about and then deleting it. but, i really dove into mx and i liked mx. it wasn't nearly as retarded as 4, and the actionscripting wasn't that bad.

how on earth have you done nothing but make actionscripting more of a pain in the ass as time passes? i actually never got mx2004 because all i heard was how you fucked up the actionscripting. well, i had to get flash 8. jesus fucking christ, what have you done??

it's fucking terrible. i've actually had the "script builder" spit out code that flash says isn't valid o_O

argh... fucking typing shit out by hand.

THIS IS WHY ADOBE BOUGHT YOU OUT, YOU FUCKHEADS. although i hope adobe doesn't change dreamweaver, as it's a decent piece of software, i hope they rip flash apart and just start over. i would say that adobe hasn't fucked their software up recently, but there's been that whole "cs2" thing. at least they didn't make their shit basically unusable, just more tricky to pirate, and you know, i respect that. i know they have to make their money by pulling food from college students' mouths.

i hope adobe gave you a really shitty deal, because i know they had you by the balls with the whole not releasing the newest version of post script to you thing.


ps. i'm waiting for the day adobe buys quark out too. i'm perfectly okay with adobe monopolizing the design software market. they at least put out a quality product. assholes.

i'm definitely beginning to think i just should have done my portfolio in html. i coulda been done already. fucking stupid having to have a working comp by tomorrow. i have all the animation and interactivity done... just haven't built the external swfs to be pulled in yet. well, and i'm not 100% done with the coding since macromedia is a fuckhole.

while i'm at it:

dear livejournal,

where the fuck is my css? my journal has looked like shit all day. fix your god damned servers. i'm not a free user, i expect my shit to actually work.


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