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i went in to graphic design instead of web design specifically so i wouldn't spend all night doing shit like this:

design_mc.onRollOver = function () {
x = design_mc._currentframe;
if (x >= 5 && x <= 24) {
design_mc.gotoAndPlay ("open");
design_mc.onRollOut = function () {
x = design_mc._currentframe;
if (x >= 5 && x <= 24) {
design_mc.gotoAndPlay ("close");
design_mc.onPress = function () {
y = illus_mc._currentframe;
if (y >= 25 && y <= 33) {

stupid interactive senior project. stupid flash. all that script does is make a rollover menu stay down once you click on it. it took me 3 fucking hours to figure that shit out, but i am the master at not using premade flsh script, considering my grasp on flash is very very vague. i see it as making myself more marketable.

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