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worky work work work.

what i have to have done by tuesday morning, bright and early:

print resumes (i'm about half done, i have resume printed, but no reference pages)
print business cards unless i find business card cds monday, then:
redesign business card and print
burn cds
print cds
assemble business cards, put cds inside (i didn't find business card cds, so n/a)
finishing touches (which involves another thing to be printed/built)

in order to burn cds:
finish revising old projects
print and comp up 3d work (halfway)
take pictures of 3d work (halfway)
design mini portfolio
put all images in mini portfolio (more than halfway)

choose 3-5 samples of my work
print / mount them

by tuesday night: have report written for film studies

wednesday night: finish off my signage, figure out the rest of the corporate id for the theater (halfway)

thursday night: functional comp of my portfolio site

fuck me for procrastinating. seriously. i'm damn near finishing the revisions of my old projects though! wish me luck?

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