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i finished everything i needed to for the internship fair... i made a little promotional package to give out rather than giving out just a resume. i made a folder to hold my resume and the flap that held in the pages held a small cd of work examples and a business card.

it was a lot more than everyone else gave out and i got a lot of compliments for it. everyone was really impressed that i went to so much trouble. it looked extremely professional :P

a lot of people were pretty impressed with my work, but only 3 or so people really liked me. one in particular i'm really interested in following up with. it's a video production company, and they're really laid back and have a great internship program where y ou're paired with a junior designer and they have these great think tank sessions.

i also go along with an interactive cd company. the guy that was there for them looked exactly like tony robinson (which made me incredibly happy since i'm fucking addicted to time team). they look like they're looking more for someone to fill a job than an intern.

there was a woman there that freelanced and wants someone to pass freelance work onto and i definitely hit it off with her. i see some work coming out of that. on this same note, i picked up a freelance job today making a portfolio website for a classmate as well as picking up any freelance work that he can't handle.

i also talked to turner broadcasting, which i'm not too excited about, but they offer an 11 month training program with damn near a guarantee that you'll be retained at the end of it. it sounds nice and all, but i want to work for a small company, and i'm honestly not too hot about the entertainment industry. i could give a fuck less, honestly.

it felt good having people honestly in awe of my design work. seriously. i felt like some sort of design god. i got a lot of "this is amazing. you're going to go far". it's nice hearing that from complete strangers instead of friends, since they're pretty much obligated to stroke your ego :P people were intrigued and omg, it felt amazing. i was so worried going in that my stuff was crap. and it's not. it's really, really not. and even if my execution isn't 100% yet, people in my field thing it's outstanding conceptually.

i came home and slept for ages since i slept like 6 hours in two days doing that shit. now i just get to work some more. argh. i'm really hoping to knock a chunk of my theater design out tonight and finish off making my portfolio site functional. after the coding of my portfolio site is done, it's just a matter of plugging in images and text. and i took a lot of pictures for the cd, so i'm halfway there!

i'm so incredibly optimistic about my career right now. i'm really glad i went to the internship fair. even if i don't get an internship out of it, it definitely made me feel more secure about getting a job when the time comes.

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