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i hung out with kelly today. she got off work early and called me in the middle of eating and asked me if i wanted to go out to eat. we always meet to go eat because we're both pigs, obviously. i don't see kelly that often anymore since conyers swallowed her back up, so i agreed to dinner.

our usual fare is maggianos, but there was a fucking 2 hour wait. dear people of dunwoody: stop eating at maggianos when i want to eat there. kthnx. we decided to eat at the cali pizza kitchen instead. but first she wanted to show me what she and brendan registered for at macy's. we looked at plates and were all girly. there was a surprising lack of wedding talk, in comparison to how it usually is. i was informed that she still doesn't know which bridesmaids dresses she wants since they discontinued the skirt. she really needs to figure some shit out if she wants me to save for a dress. she'll have a maid of honor in pants and sandals if she doesn't get her ass in gear :P

dinner was nice. she had some linguine pasta that tasted like tomatoey liquified sausage, and i had hummus. i asked her opinion of my project and we talked about design for a while. kelly hasn't done a god damned thing with her degree since she's graduated, but she's getting the itch to again. we batted around the idea of starting our own company throughout dinner and the subsequent visit to barnes and noble. she's starting to get as serious about it as i am. i think it could really happen. we have some friends from school looking into starting up a company too, so maybe we could all become one firm?

the part we're both most excited about is decorating our future swank downtown office :P
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