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before i have to call one more retarded suburban white kid out on…

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before i have to call one more retarded suburban white kid out on this:

crunk does not mean "crazy drunk". if you were from the south, or had any connection to the "dirty south" hip hop scene outside of fucking mtv, you'd know that "crunk"is southern slang for the past tense of "crank", as in "i crunk my car". the term "crunk" as it appears in music does not mean you are intoxicated, it means that you're excited and having a good time.

i don't care how much you want it to mean "crazy drunk" so you can have something urban to post in the tags on your flickr account under the pictures of you and your friends at some lame color themed party, that's not what it fucking means so kindly stfu.

(although i want to badly, i can't hide from my southern roots)

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On February 26th, 2006 12:02 am (UTC), neo_prodigy commented:
preach on!!!!!
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On February 26th, 2006 02:53 am (UTC), aubieturtle commented:
The meaning of words evolve over time. While you are likely correct about the origins of the word crunk, it has taken on the meaning of crazy drunk to a large segment of the population.

If everyone one day started calling dog shit "rose", then rose would mean dog shit in addition to its other meanings. Dictionaries would be updated and everyone would know what you meant as long as it was used in particular context.

A check of crunk at urbandictionary.com will confirm that both uses of the word (and a couple others) are in common usage now.

But feel free to be annoyed by stupid suburban kids anyway. Everytime I see them walking around with their pants falling down trying to act inner city black, I want to load them up in a van and drop them off on some corner in Bankhead. We'll see just how tough they are then.
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On February 26th, 2006 02:56 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
the guy that started the "crunk" movement has gone on record saying that's not what it means.

a lot of people misuse words all the time. that doesn't make it correct.
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On February 26th, 2006 03:15 am (UTC), aubieturtle replied:
"Ain't" isn't correct usage but everyone acknowledges its meaning. Just because the person who claims to have coined the word says that it means one thing doesn't mean that it hasn't come to have another meaning over time. "Pot" for example was once something you would cook in but now it's also means marijuana because someone started using the word pot to mean marijuana and it caught on.

Now if you want to complain that the word has gained an additional meaning, then by all means, rant away. But the simple fact is that for most people, crunk means "crazy drunk" and will continue to do so no matter how much it annoys you.

If you are really pissed, feel free to go smack these kids around. They're probably the ones who started the new meaning when they got confused listening to Q100 coming back from dinner at Applebee's.

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On February 26th, 2006 03:20 am (UTC), fuzzdecay replied:
ain't is actually and has always been the accepted contraction of "am not". it was taken out of the dictionary after charles dickens popularized the incorrect slang for it in his novels, because so many people wer misusing it, it was just taken out completely.

you're citing urban dictionary as proof that "most people" think it means crazy drunk? i'm sure i could go to my school and poll people and prove pretty quickly that's not the case. it's a popular meaning amongst one uninformed section of the population, and i maintain that it doesn't make it correct.
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On February 26th, 2006 06:40 am (UTC), luridtraversal commented:
i kinda really love southern hip hop :/

it's almost a point of pride with me since i was living in detroit for a while.
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On February 26th, 2006 09:03 am (UTC), beat_me_clever commented:
I thought Texas was pretty south, but I guess I'm wrong.

ANYWHO, WHERE WAS THIS INFORMATION WHEN I WAS ASKING ABOUT IT? It seems that, instead of getting "crunk" when I celebrated black history month, it was just me being a douchebag sitting outside and drinking out of big plastic tumblers.

I need more black friends. They'd tell me I was wrong and correct my ways for me.
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On March 1st, 2006 01:07 am (UTC), mantralocust commented:
I'm going to have to back Fuzz up on this one. I don't even know where someone would get crazy drunk from crunk. C-crazy runk- drunk?

Alicia is correct, it means "you're excited and having a good time" as she puts it. crunk is past tense of crank. Meaning YOU'RE GETTING STARTED!

You can get crunk off of yay. You can get crunk off of X. You can get crunk off them totem poles, tonka trunks or yellow laters. Hell, you can even get crunk off that syrup (you know, that purple). What ever it takes to get you "started".

I think it's funny that Alicia actually knows the meaning of it compared to people that is originally from the ATL, where our King of Crunk has originated from :P Keep it real.
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