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i just spent 5 hours in borders with kelly helping her with her portfolio site. we got damn near all of it finished. yay! i got some work done on the theater as well. it was nice to have some input on that for once (aside from rich, since he's the only helpful person in my classes)

while we were there, i finally took a picture id for kelly, kelly decided to poke her eye for it. this makes sense, because the first year i knew kelly she managed to poke herself in the eye 3 times and was damn near always wearing an eyepatch because of it.

during taking pictures, we noticed that her phone would change picture orientations, we decided to see if mine would as well, which spawned "the worst picture of me ever (aside from the picture id that was previously on kelly's phone for 2 years where i'm wearing a tinfoil hat and i look like an effeminate crosseyed german boy)":

before the marathon coding session, we went to maggiano's (which is alicia/kelly date restaurant) and got a booth this time! i love the booths there, because they're horseshoe shaped and tucked into the walls. apparently going during lunch is the way to secure a booth, i'm typing this mainly for my own future reference.

after dinner (of our usual, a half order of angel hair to share) our waitress asked if we wanted dessert. we were like "we'd get dessert if you still had the raspberry sorbet... that was really good and we can't believe you got rid of it 6 months ago" so our waitress actually went back and dug the last bit out of the freezer for us.

best. server. ever. she got a great tip and a happy note from us :)

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