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so... quarter's over, as you might already know. i finished most of everything i wanted to do with the theater project, minus a tray for the kid's meal, an activity book (that there's no way i ever would have had time for), one sign, and some cup holders for the combos. that sounds like a lot, but in relation to everything i did for that project, it's not that much.

for the theater, i designed 20 signs and presented them in a 28 page presentation book (mostly design intent drawings with the scale and measurements, sign elevations, and photoshopped mockups) with patterned paper-lined covers and a diecut of the logo on the front cover that shows the paper underneath. i also designed small - large popcorn boxes and drink cups as well as kid's popcorn and drink, and comped them up for presentation. On top of that, i designed a logo and identity system including the standard stationery (business cards, envelopes, and letterhead), as well as a (mini) promotion package that consisted of a direct mailer invitation/coupon and a newspaper ad (which was by far my weakest piece).

i also almost finished my portfolio site... i have all of my design up, but i didn't have time to make it to the illustration section. after spending assloads of time on it, i now hate it and will be making some changes to it soon (which hopefully won't take as long to do as it's taken to build).

i'm really proud of the sheer amount of work i cranked out this quarter, and the fact that all of it is good. :P

today i helped v ( whisperindminor) print her portfolio. although i was hideously low on ink, my printer made it through her 25 tabloid sized pages of all black just fine :P (this is kinda an inside joke... v seriously overuses black in her designs. upon seeing her completed portfolio, i was quite impressed that the teacher managed to steer her away from it. i was also impressed in the improvement in her stuff since the last time i'd been in a class with her. yay v! hope you graduate!)

it wasn't until we were printing her tabletop stuff that my magenta gave out... so she ran by compusa to pick up some magenta. as soon as she got back and i installed it, the yellow ran out... oops. she asked if i needed yellow the first time, but i really thought my printer could make it... oh well.

there was some alignment issue with the paper, but with the jacked up way i had to feed it through, i'm surprised it did as well as it did. <3 printer!

sunday, i get to help shawn's mom move. again. we just helped her move like a month ago, but her apt complex is tearing down the building she's in, and after 6 months they're tearing down the building she's moving to. o_O

and monday i start my happy job! where i will slave away my two week break (the parts of it where i'm not working on stuff for portfolio at least) and then onto portfolio and out into the scary "real world"! i'm really hoping i'll still have time with the job and school to continue working my magazine internship, although i've been having reliability issues with michael, i like working on it, because it's a stretch for me stylistically.

i'm going to work myself to death!

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