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the work picture post. i meant to have this be a photo documentary of my walk to work... but i was late.. so it's my walk back.

i'm also too lazy to strip the lj generated html and write better comments, so you get my (sparsely edited) comments from where they've been originally posted in my scrapbook.

me, bored, in my huge cubicle of doom. i have my own copier and scanner and computer (g4 with a 17" cinema display) and like three desks in a u shape, and i also have room for approximately 200 boxes to be in there as well. i'm sharing it with a woman, but she wasn't at work today!
these are fucking straight out of the early 80s, with discolored plastic and all. the doors on the elevators are brass, inside and out o_O contrary to what you may think, i actually like them for their kitsch value.

where i work!
this is across diagonally from my building. they have this fucking huge bamboo in there. a standard door is about 7 feet tall, so you do the math. there's two clusters of it too.
One of the many adjacent skyscrapers (happens to be the one with the bamboo).i pass like 7 on my way from the marta station to the bellsouth building.
i walk through this mini park between a building and a parking deck to shave off some time. it has this bizarre sculpture in it that looking like a giant memphis (as in the design movement, of course) chicken.
and back to marta! i always get the old stinky trains on the way back up. :\ stupid atlanta thinking carpeting public transportation would be a good idea. they're fucking orange and brown, it's terrible.


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