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i get about 2 hours of music listening a day while i'm on marta, since there's nothing else to do. i walk.... a long ways from the marta station to the building i'm in.

today on my walk to work, i fell and bruised up my knees, and skinned up my hands.. because i missed a step in the sidewalk. also, on my mangled flesh tally, i sliced a knuckle open on a picture frame today when i was opening it. my right knee hurts really badly and i can barely bend it.

i'm getting along with everyone in the office. i spend a lot of the day talking to chris, the production guy, because i don't have a lot of work to do. i talk to kari (my deskmate for 3 hours a day) and him a lot. i don't talk to martina (who's the girl that's leaving) or stan a lot, because tehy're always back in martina's office working. stan (who's my boss) it joking around with me now though.

i love how laid back it is. i'm not doing a lot of design work yet, but i don't mind the folding and copy editing and design tweaking and printer monitoring i'm doing. and i like getting to talk to everyone and just hang out when nothing's going on. i hope i'm kept on after this month. i really like it.

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