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my final-final wound tally from my day of clumsy is:

abrasion on my ankle
swollen right knee (that really hurts to bend)
bruise on my left thigh
bruise on my left knee that's particularly nasty
bruise on my left shin
abrasion on the heel of my right hand
cut open knuckle on my right ring finger

i'm sure you'll all be glad to know that i regained my motor skills and managed to not hurt myself at all today.

today i got to update a newsletter (which is ironically about at&t buying out bellsouth), which is the most designerly thing i've done since getting there. i also helped chris run about 8k of coupons for cingular through the postage machine and box them. i like helping chris, because he's fun to talk to because he's into cars and food. and you know, i am too :P

in my hours of downtime, i worked out redoing some stuff for portfolio. i figured i might as well get a head start.

it was raining when i left so stan gave me a ride to the marta station in his swank ass mercedes. the side mirrors fucking adjust when you go into reverse so you can see better and then adjust back when you're back in drive, on top of having onboard navigation, and a sunroof, and all the wood accent shit and the nice leather seats. it was honestly the nicest car i've ever been in. there were buttons on the door shaped like the seat, but i have no idea what they did because i was scared i'd break some shit if i touched them.

on the way to the marta station he said some stuff that sounded like he's going to keep me... such as asking me how i liked it and then telling me that i'm being trained to replace martina. also, during a particularly busy part of the day, he had me back at his desk cutting out parts of indesign files and making pdfs and emailing people while me told me what to type because he was helping martina work on another aspect of this huge project that's due tomorrow morning. after it let up he told me that i proved my worth and then sent me to figure out my schedule for when school starts. it's so sweet that i get to make my own schedule :P

i love the hours i'm working, for seriously. 1-7 kicks ass. i can't wait to graduate and go back to working 1-7. when school starts i'm going to go from working 30 hours a week to 27, and that kinda sucks... but i suppose it could be worse.

and atlanta, it's almost april. stop being 40 degrees outside. kthnx.

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