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i ride marta to work and back everyday, since my car is a little less…

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i ride marta to work and back everyday, since my car is a little less than functional and marta is crazy cheap. $13 a week, or $15 in gas + sitting in traffic.

now, that's not to say that marta is great by any stretch of the imagination. although i only ride the north line and never farther south than the midtown station (on occasion), and therefore bypass most of the ghetto, there's still plenty of ghetto to be had.

marta has two trains. the nice blue and white trains and the shitty orange/tan/beige trains. when i first started working, i got the nice blue ones.... now i keep getting the shitty orange ones. i think marta was holding out for me to buy a week pass and now that they have my money, they're going to give me the shitty trains, because why bother impressing me anymore?

i actually wouldn't mind the old ones if they didn't smell like stale piss and cheap lemon cleanser... but they do and it gives me fucking migraines. speaking of piss, the marta trains are monorails, and today in the arts center station i saw a milk jug full of piss in the rail area right on top of the rail. it was classy.

for a few days, i managed to get in the same car as this rastafarian guy selling vials of fragrance and incense sticks. he just walked around the car in his little black rainbow hat with a huge potleaf patch on it and little hemp poncho with a fucking briefcase full of little vials. i never actually saw him sell anything, but i did see him hold incense up to his nose with his upper lip and sniff the fuck out of them while he thought no one was looking.

one of the scarier things about marta (other than the bums that hang out near the turnstiles and offer to trade your money for a token and a quarter. and the fact that the electricity flickers in the old trains when they hit a bump) is that when the trains pass eachother out in the open when tehy're close, the suction from them moving so fast actually pulls open the doors. it's the fucking scariest thing in the world at rushhour when it's standing room only and you're near the doors.
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On March 29th, 2006 06:57 am (UTC), fiduch commented:
oh nos!!! don't get sucked out teh marta doors! i know they have a conspiracy to give you bad trains, but it's not worth getting sucked out of the train for!
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On March 29th, 2006 07:07 am (UTC), tanyajc commented:
Ewww a milk jug full of piss. That monorail sounds worse than the New York subways and even those seem cleaner than what you described.
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