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i can't believe it's only been one week of school and i'm already swamped.

i have to print out my entire catalog of potential portfolio pieces and leave them on francisco's desk (there's a lot of them. we need 12-15 pieces when we graduate and are supposed to create 3 more in the class, plus throw in an art direction piece which i don't have since i'm currently taking the class, but i already have around 20 that i like enough to put in my portfolio. i'm hoping this means less work for me later.) the only problem with printing everything out is that indesign apparently hates the boombox book i did.

i can't open the file. and i'm extremely pissed off about it because i've added a lot of pages and now i can't access them. i'm going to try going up to the school and opening the file there, but i know it's a long shot that that'd actually work. if i don't print it, i can't use it in my portfolio, and i'll be extremely unhappy.

creative writing is turning out to be a lot of work. but it's work i like doing (ie. writing about myself because i'm a narcisstic cunt) we're having to keep a journal, which i'm going to end up copying and pasting parts of it into here, i'm sure. i like writing, and it's nice to have an excuse to, because i'm so absorbed in my deisgn work i don't find the time to much anymore.

art direction is going well. i got ian in my group! i also have radhi, the indian student from my professional development class (who's an advertising major) and robert, who i have never seen before in my life but is turning out to be a decent member, quiet, but not flakey.

i'm art director for this project because we only had three group members in class (radhi wasn't added to our group until well after class on friday night) and no one else stepped up. i didn't want to be art director first because it's the most amount of work, but oh well. i guess it's better to have it now instead of at the end of quarter when i'm freaking out about portfolio.

work is picking up a little. stan is trusting me with a lot more projects. it gives me less time to fuck off and do nothing, but i like knowing that i'm fitting in better and that he trusts that i can do the job.

if you were wondering exactly what i'm doing now, if i had a real title it'd be "junior designer". i do copy editing on existing projects, i photoshop images, i do some production work (folding, stuffing envelopes, framing certificates, mailing), and i work on smaller jobs that aren't with our main client (although i'm being slowly introduced to the main client's work and graphic standards).

in august, when the girl i'm being trained to replace retires, i move up to a senior designer. and straight from stan's mouth i become "the center of the office". i work with him one on one, extensively, to create every piece of work for the main client, and some of the smaller clients. i'll be the primary designer, and i'll touch every single thing that comes out of the's a shitload of responsibility and a shitload of money i'm walking into, and it's a bit too perfect. i feel like it can't be real. people don't walk straight out of school and into fantastic jobs like this.

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