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peach faygo and watermelons made of motherboards.

today is the first day i've been online in a very long time. or two weeks, whatever. i've been doing fuckloads of artwork. all of it's basic artwork. it's not fun stuffs. the only thing i'm proud of is my collage. peach faygo isn't too bad. i can't really think right now. this will be fractured. i'm doing a research project for my honors english class on the validity of the kama sutra as a religious text. i have two books dealing with it i need to read. i don't want to read. i need to finish my value scale project and finish painting my color wheel swatches for color and design. i don't wanna do that either. i just wanna veg. have some time to myself, by myself, doing things that i want to do, not things i have to do. i want to talk to shawn. i believe i'm going to call him soon. i've missed the maximum amount of days in each class that i can without being kicked out of the class and only two of my classes have counted my absences at all. makes me wanna miss more days in the classes that don't have me listed as having any absences.... but i don't wanna push my luck. 99x is playing really fruity music. i don't feel like getting up and changing it though. i figured atl would have better stations than sga. there's just a lot more rap stations. grr. it's cold as fuck up in my house. i gotta go work now. lates peoples. :)
Tags: art school, boyfriends past and present

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