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I'm getting SO tired of this "run around trying to find levi" bullshit. Maybe i should go out and find my own life outside of him. but then he'd get pissed off. *sighs* i hate my life sometimes because i am too weak and scared to change it because i'm too busy cowering in a corner trying to grasp at burned straws. Fuck this! whatever happened to the guys that fawned all over me and did everything in their power not to piss me off? what happened to being treated like a goddess. Fucked if i know but these guys better get a clue because i'm a spoiled brat and i'm pissed off and needy. ha. i'm talking out of my ass. i can't do anything to him. damn this weakness.... damn it.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, emo, inconsiderate fucktards, wistful musings about the past

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