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Mom's leaving for the weekend and giving me the car. *drool* oh... oh god... the hell i shall raise in d-town this weekend. Unlike everyone else i know, my life hasn't been falling apart lately. It has already fallen apart and has been sewn back together. I'm good. So so good. i have 33 days of school left and i'm out. I'm wicked pissed because levi's bitch ass mom is shipping him off to ny for an entire fucking month this summer. It's like she knew that the only reason i didn't go to atl summer quarter was so i could spend time with levi. i detest that woman. I've turned into such a chick... argh... men have ruined me by making me realize that i'm feminine.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, family, girlyness, highschool, inconsiderate fucktards, moving off to college

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