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Such · a · pretty · girl · Happy · in · an · ugly · place

Well hell. look who finally remodeled. I have my cam up and…

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Well hell. look who finally remodeled. I have my cam up and streaming, there're still a few bugs in it though. if you don't like my new layout you can kiss my ass. I needed a blue one. :) I graduate in 38 more school days. I gotta get a job. Mom's pulling the whole "you're 18, get your ass a job" thing. Finally, i'll have to sell my soul to the man. *sighs*. I"ve grown up a lot since i was in 10th grade when i started this damn thing. I've went through 2 very intense loves, only to find myself in another after i had sworn off love 20 times. I can't just not be in love. I'm glad i've cut all those people that i can't trust out of my life. It would have been a waste of time and paper to keep in contact with them after i move away. I'm through pushing friends away now. The rest i'll stay in contact with. It's hard to slowly unplug myself from all that i have built with my own blood and sweat. I suppose it's time to let them go and see if they can swim on their own now. I feel as though i'm abandoning my family. I suppose life goes on. My nipples are healing nicely. ;) prom is in like 2 weeks, and i don't have my shoes yet. Damn spooky boutique. Well, now that i've done a yearly review kinda, and caught everyone up on the progression of my holy nipples i'm going to go now and see if i can go to town.
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