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I'm sorry i haven't done my yearly update. I've just been so damn busy with college and stuffs. I'm standing a lot better this year than i was last year, I believe, aside from this horde of people trying to fuck my shit up. My vday was sweet, first really good one i've ever had. I was in Atl on Levi's b-day so i missed it and I feel all bad. can't really do anything about it now though. my birthday's in 19 days. Whoo hoo! I'd really like some money (hint, hint) for my bday for undisclosed reasons so if you're feeling generous, contact me. Everything is set for my college now. I'll be going to AIA, i start on october 7th, and i'll graduate after the summer of 2005, then i'll be shoved out into the real world. I really wish i could just be a professional student, but damn, school is expensive. This is as much planning about my future as i've ever done. I hope this whole planning thing doesn't become a habit.
Tags: becoming an adult, body modification, boyfriends past and present, highschool, inconsiderate fucktards, moving off to college

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