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it feels weird to be writing 2s instead of 1s. I'm still stuck on last year I suppose. My 1st and 4th blocks are sooooo boring. Were there not cool people in there I believe i'd be forced to shoot myself. I need to set up a fixed schedule for my page webcam. I've been on yahoo cams a lot. I can't stream my page cam because of my shit connection. Maybe one day. I have discovered no new earth shattering profound truths since this year started. I hope I don't. Profound truths are usually bad. I gotta get my happy ass up and in Douglas by 10am to prime windows for painting with the art club. Damn being vice prezy... damn it all to hell. I'm now going to stare at the phone and wait for it to ring.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, geekery, highschool

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