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well...... it looks like i'm about to be moving again. one of my roomates is being a complete cunt and starting shit with the housing office trying to get me moved out because i'm too messy and i'm an athiest. and this in one day has escalated to me being moved to a different apartment in housing. when it took us like 1 1/2 months to finally get shafah's ass out of here. i'm so pissed. i've taken it almost as high as i can now. i'm going to the president tomorrow if i can. the head housing guy called my house, got ahold of my 7y/o cousin and thought it was my mom. and him calling my mom in the first place was a violation of the privacy policy this school has. it's like i don't even have a side to this. they just keep on spewing their bullshit forth like it's supposed to satisfy me. they say even if that cunt says it's okay for me to stay here i might not get to. and they're going to bend the rules they have and let less than 3 people stay in this apartment. what BULLSHIT!!!!!

i'm severely pissed off.

i'm so fucking happy to be getting out of this bullshit. i want to drop out of school so bad right now, just so i wouldn't have to deal with this rich ass bitch that, when she's not fucking her pastor, tries to rule over my apartment with an iron fist. and i'm not gonna kiss her ass. i'm not gonna kiss the housing department's ass. hell, if they wanna kick me out, let them. i never thought living on my own could be worse than living with my grandmother. i didn't think anything could be worse than that. my hands shake all the time now. i dunno what to expect when i come home. she's the one that wants to move, but they want to move me first, eventhough i don't want to move. i can't believe i'm paying these people all this money to have them ignore me.

mom tells me i should switch schools, maybe go to scad. i don't want to leave atlanta. my credits aren't transferrable and i'd be that much farther away from shawn. this sucks so much. i wanna just beat everyone's ass. i wanna break rachel's jaw and strangle her with her fallopian tubes. i wanna pop larry's bulging five-head back in. i wanna puch tamica in the throat so maybe she'll stop talking like fucking timmy from passions. most of all, i wanna lock will in his room and beat that smart ass grin he has off his face with one of those pretty silver trash cans. of course, i can't do a damn thing. and you know, they probably monitor this webpage because sometimes i update at school, and they'll probably take this shit as a threat or whatever but at this particular moment i don't care. grr.....
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the washing machine
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