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playing on the cam last night was fun. i'm pissed as shit cuz some cop that was out to prove how big his penis was wrote me a ticket yesterday for running a stop sign i didn't run. i fucking hate cops. it's a $70 fine that i gotta pay by fucking tuesday. like i have $70 motherfucking dollars. Levi has this thing where he wants to waste an entire roll of film on me, and he chooses to do it the day i'm looking the least cute i have in the past 2 years. poor levi and his damn bad timing. well, some guy i don't know named chet from douglas is inquiring about sex now so imma go and see if he's just another perv or someone i can really relate to. hah. i think i already know the answer.
Tags: boyfriends past and present, geekery, inconsiderate fucktards, trouble with the cops

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