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no bitching (hopefully)

most of my entries since i've moved to atl have been me bitching. i guess it's because i have stuff to bitch about now. it makes me think that i'm turning into my grandma. she's only happy when she's bitching. but, it doesn't make me happy. it just makes my pissiness a duller pissiness. and it definitely keeps me from choking people with their fallopian tubes. i've found out that larry the housing guys has been running around lies on me and shanica. Before he and will kept telling me to talk to rachel to see if i can stay, larry told rachel not to come back to the apartment for the rest of this week. i was supposed to talk to her by friday. the day i went to talk to both of them, rachel had gone earlier and already told them that she's moving out of housing. i wasn't fucking told about that. and will actually said "this isn't because you're an atheist but..." which all the nonchristians out there know means "i must punish you, the evil hellspawn".

so anyways, for my happiness and sanity, i'm moving out of housing next month and moving in with shawn. I gotta find a way to make it work. I gotta find a way to buy a car. I'm scared to ride marta after dark and one of my classes is over at 10p. I think moving out is the best thing for me to do, even with the $2000 penalty i'll get from breaking my lease early. fuck the housing department. they don't deserve to be getting my mom's hard earned money. I gotta be moved out of here by dec. 21 but i won't get my first rebate check (which i'll be using for rent) until january 4th.

my mom wanted me and shawn to get a 2 bedroom. and i'm like "uhh... mom... why?" and mom's like "in case you have company or something" which roughly translates into "because i don't want to think about my little girl having sex". Which, i really can't blame her. I don't want to think about her having sex either. and we hold different morals about the whole sex before marriage thing. because she waited (she says) until her and dad got married and blah, blah, blah... I should tell her if it makes her feel better to pretend that i'm living in a 2 bedroom. I really want a studio apt. :) i can't find any decent sized ones though. i needs to keep looking.

school's going well. end of the quarter is less than a month away. we've already had registration for next quarter. i'm taking the history of graphic design, life drawing, psychology, and typography. fun fun fun. i'm putting off my 2nd english and my math until summer because it's a short quarter. The quarters pass so fast here. it doesn't seem like we should be going into a whole new set of classes... we haven't even been in school 2 months yet. i feel like i'm running around like a headless chicken. it's like project after project after project and no fucking free time. i'm already running out of supplies in my $580 supply kit i got at the beginning of the quarter. i didn't think i'd go through it this fast. more money to spend that i don't have.

i'm sleepy all the time now. i just woke up from a nap and i'm still sleepy. i'm having to go to work with shawn now so the one day i got to sleep for hours upon hours i don't get anymore. i'm just barely getting enough sleep to function. but overall i'm happy (excluding the housing).
Tags: apt, art school, boyfriends past and present, happy, housing, inconsiderate fucktards, money, psychotic grandma

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