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Such · a · pretty · girl · Happy · in · an · ugly · place

today was great. i had bond with shanda time. awww. we stole some…

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today was great. i had bond with shanda time. awww. we stole some cute makeup shit from walmart. i love walmart enoughthough i hate the fuck out of it. douglas is walmart and so it sucks, and i see every fucking person i know in there, and there's ugly guys in there that hit on me even if i tell them i have a boyfriend. But walmart has the cutest shit in there too. I'm kinda torn about that. If i ever want to kill the economy and half the population of douglas, i swaer i'm just going to bomb walmart on 7pm on a friday because every fucking person in coffee, bacon, and atkinson county is in fucking walmart then. or like the day after thanksgiving. The day after thanksgiving there are people crowding walmart so bad you have to creep sideways along the fucking wall to get anywhere and they're ugly people, like people so ugly so look at them and think "their parents should never have bred". Like, people with 7 fingers and three eyes and stuff. really backwoods hick people. God damn i need to get the fuck out of this place before i end up like that too.
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