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Such · a · pretty · girl · Happy · in · an · ugly · place

it's such bullshit that i gotta have iss and ocs for fucking tardies…

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it's such bullshit that i gotta have iss and ocs for fucking tardies to anatomy. it's not like it's going to solve the traffic problems in front of b wing that make me late. even if i didn't stop for like 5 secs for hugs i'd still be late and you can't run down e wing, even if alicia did run, cuz like mathis the evil clown bitch of death and goff the fucking bowlegged fag are down there. (sorry to my gay peoples, you know i love you and how i meant that) I don't have to come to school tuesday until 3rd block! *happy dance* Being a senior is pretty sweet. I'm going to miss the godforsaken place when i finally get the fuck out. Not Douglas in particular, but my friends. I wonder if my freshy friends will even remember me when they're seniors. It's so scary knowing that after graduation i'm on my own in a huge world and i don't know what to do. It's kinda liberating at that same time though, cuz finally i'm free to do whatever the fuck i want. i seriously think that if i'm still running my pagey by then, there will be serious changes to it. I'm beginning to really love this journal. It's cool to read it and see how much i've changed as a person since 10th grade. Maybe i'll keep it running the rest of my life.
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