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see kyle? i updated my page and i'm not on tripod anymore *does a little happy dance*. I LOVES my new place *kisses cherry's ass many many many times*. Want to know what you've been missing in my life? go here and see. feel free to flame that guy as much as you want. it's not like i care. This whole violent public reaction to my article is a bunch of bullshit. fuck all the underclassmen that think they're god and wear pink shirts *coutravispittmanghs*. i'm not going to be pissy though cuz eventhough i'm sick off my ass and have been for an entire week, today is a happy day cuz i gots my new home *kisses cherry's ass some more*. Off to work some more on the rest of my journal. i only have 01 up right now. i decided to split up the years as the file was fucking huge. lates.
Tags: friends, geekery, highschool, inconsiderate fucktards

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