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lots of bad shit has happened to my peoples. i feel bad for them but things will work out i suppose. God damn i miss cabbott. i like never see him anymore. My mom's laying on my bed watching durden. It's making me nervous. Limpy has really ugly friends. I hate 2nd and 4th block. They feel like they're 3 hours long. Some dumbasses at school believe my group is a gang. lol we're the cult of the evil monkeys or some bullshit. people are so stupid. I kinda like school this year. i have a lot of stuff going for me. kevvie was being all mean to me today. i think he had his male period. I've been in a mood for acoustic stuffs lately. i dunno why though. i have all the lobe cartilage piercings in my ear that i'm gonna get now. onto my tragus. i can't wait until i turn 18 so i can get my nipples done. i think i'd look cute with pierced nipples. i dunno. My dog seems to think that durden is a tasty between meal snack. i much bitch slap my dog now. lates.
Tags: body modification, boyfriends past and present, emo, friends, highschool, inconsiderate fucktards, pets

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