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i fell asleep in the bath tub today for 2 hours and woke up…

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i fell asleep in the bath tub today for 2 hours and woke up submerged. this happens to me a lot so you'd think i'd stop but i don't.i think it'd be cool to drown. it'd be a great way to die. of course i probably just think that because i'm a pisces. levi got that damn control song stuck in my head and i found out that limpy had tried to send me that song like a month ago or something. they'd probably get along if limpy wasn't such an ass to like everyone but me. today was the first day of school *gag*. i got kicked out of homeroom for asking the substitute to refrain from reading the handbook because we've been breakign the same rules for 3 years so what's the point? and she was all like "get out of the classroom, now!" and i was like "no." but i eventually left. now davenport wants me in her homeroom to work on the paper. i'm considering it. they have a serious lack of good writers since jay left. mrs. saylor's being a meany head and not letting people in the artroom but i'll get around that somehow. levi's like a meany head. he never talks to me anymore since cody's around. and the group in the concourse had dwindled considerably. i'm hoping it'll get back to normal after the freshmen learn how to get to their classes. damn i hate freshies. i was just shoving those little bastards out of my way and shit today. it's so annoying beause they all stop in front of b wing and stare intently at their schedules and clog the fucking hallway. little bitches. school's not all that bad though. i don't want this year to end because this is all i know. i have no fucking idea what i'll do after i graduate.
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