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i think it'd be wicked cool to be handfasted. i just need someone else to do that. well, and other stuff. i've been reading shanda's quote page and i'm quoted like 10 times on there because i'm just so much cooler than everyone else. or maybe it's just because i say more retarded shit than everyone else. school starts in 4 days. i can't believe it. i'm looking forward to it and yet dreading it. i can't wait to kiss like everyone i know and freak out the 9th graders. "hello, my name is alicia. do you believe in premarital sex?" "yeah" "i believe in premarital sex as well. because i am satan's child. now we can be satan's children together. mayhaps you have a spare goat?"
Tags: friends, geekery, girlyness, highschool

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